[Solved] Workarounds for Sites page to update standard object?

David Cheng Asks: Workarounds for Sites page to update standard object?
I have a client who wants external users to submit data via a Sites VF page and update Opportunity records.

Of course the Sites profile doesn’t have permissions to update standard objects. Also, the client does not want to purchase portal licenses for these external users.

I am considering two workarounds and am wondering if they are possible:

1 — Write some Apex webservices and call them from the Sites page Visualforce controller.

Is it even possible to call your own webservices from a controller? I presume the webservices would be running in system context?

2 — Have the Sites page create a custom object record instead, and then write a trigger to update the opp record using the custom object.

Will the trigger be running in the system context and be able to update the opp?

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