[Solved] WordPress Google Calendar Oath 404

KingTutt Asks: WordPress Google Calendar Oath 404
I am trying to integrate google calendar with a wordpress plugin. As per the google api documentation I am authorizing using google oauth2. When it returns the code and scope in the url the scope part of the url is causing a 404 on wordpress. If I edit the scope parameter value to something else say “123” it works fine.

This is the scope part of the url returned &scope=https://www.googleapis.com/auth/calendar

To reproduce use a wordpress website.

Non working Example: https://whateverdomain.com/?scope=https://www.googleapis.com/auth/calendar

Working Example: https://whateverdomain.com/?scope=123

I have tried to reset permalinks. I cannot retrieve any values from the GET parameters. I tried to remove the query_vars. I tried to add a rewrite rule. I tried to hook into different wordpress actions (init, admin_init, etc.). I have turned debug on with no errors. I have a query monitor on with no errors.

It is almost as if the 404 is firing before I can do anything with it.

Tutorial I was following: How to Create an Event with Google Calendar API using PHP

Any ideas?

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