[Solved] WLAN (wifionice) @ deutsche Bahn not working with docker installed

Mutzmann Asks: WLAN (wifionice) @ deutsche Bahn not working with docker installed
I was travelling by train with german railroad company “deutsche Bahn” and wanted to use their provided onboard wlan. I connected to their wlan, and wanted to visit a website in my browser, but redirection to their captive portal was not working.

I was also connected with my mobile and everything was working as it should, so I assume that there was no problem with their wlan.

I have a HP elitebook 840G5 running Manjaro Linux Gnome edition and docker installed.

I was wondering how to figure out what was wrong and how to solve this issue?

After investigating a bit I found the solution by myself, but I wanted to share my solution to help others running into the same problem.

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