[Solved] Why the MAX14830 does not transmit?

Cristian M Asks: Why the MAX14830 does not transmit?
I am using a MAX14830 as an I2C-UART bridge. My problem is that it does not trans it after I write data to the transmit (THR) register.

My initialization procedure is as follows:

  1. Reset the chip (set but RST from MODE2 register);
  2. Clear RST bit;
  3. Clear FIFOs (set FIFORst from MODE2 register);
  4. Clear FIFORst from MODE2 register;
  5. Clear interrupts (by reading the ISR register).

Afterwards I write data (bytes) to the THR register, but it does not transmit anything on any of the 4 UARTs. Instead, the TX FIFO level is always increasing (TxFIFOLvl). Also, I confirm the transmitter is enabled (the TxDisabl bit from MODE1 register is cleared), the clock signal is OK (I measured it using an oscilloscope after configuring the chip to output it on one of the GPIOs) and I2C communication works fine.

Does anybody know what is the problem? Can it be a faulty chip? Any suggestions on how to further debug this issue?

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