[Solved] why is my postmeta table is so heavy

Gregory Asks: why is my postmeta table is so heavy
One of my database is realy heavy (+100Mo) for a site with not so many content (like 40 pages & 10 posts)). I found in phpmyadmin that my table “postmeta” is 95Mo. So i wonder to know what are the data that takes so many place… !

i run a DB optimizer plugin (Advanced Database Cleaner) that help me go down to 92Mo, for only 2261 rows in table. ( Before, whas much more but i don’t remember the number of lines ).

usualy my WP postmeta table is 2 to 5 mo for 4k rows…

I thinks this is linked to my theme, but i have no idea how to know wich data is so heavy. So how can i know wich are the heavy lines in my database ?

in text export, the more biggest rows is like this : (maybe it can help ?) https://pastebin.com/DMRQw3mD

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