[Solved] When creating an order via the Magento2 Rest V1 API, can I disable customer emails?

Kimball Asks: When creating an order via the Magento2 Rest V1 API, can I disable customer emails?
I’m working through integration of orders from external sources into our Magento store. We sell directly through our Magento instance as well as through some other carts (cartLoom). When an order is received in CartLoom, it is sent along to some middleware scripts I’ve written that massage the CartLoom order data into a new Magento order, and submits it so the Magento store. This is working fine, but Magento is sending an order confirmation email, which is not desired because CartLoom has already done so.

In essence, I am just copying the order from an external source into Magento so we can centralize all our sales records. I don’t want to completely disable all email confirmations though, since orders placed directly in our Magento store should notify the customer.

Is there an API call or cart/quote setting I can use to turn off customer notifications just for the order confirmation?

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