[Solved] What does this “no live” icon mean in the iCloud photos web interface, and how can I fix it?

Robert Asks: What does this “no live” icon mean in the iCloud photos web interface, and how can I fix it?
One of my photos in iCloud is showing an unusual icon at the top-left corner:

No Live icon

The normal icon for Live photos looks like this:

Live icon

Non-live photos have no icon there. The photo is a live photo and it shows up as one on all my other devices. Only the web interface shows this odd icon. On the iPhone where I took the photo, the live photo plays normally. However in the Photos app on my Macs, it shows up with the normal Live icon but it doesn’t play. Also there’s a small icon in the bottom-right corner showing a cloud with an exclamation point. When I click that I get a dialog saying there’s a problem downloading a full resolution version and I should try again later:

Cloud with exclamation point

Bummer dialog

I have been trying again later for a week, so it seems unlikely to fix itself.

When I click the download button in the web interface, it downloads a perfectly cromulent HEIC image file, but no MOV. When I download a live photo I get a zip file containing one of each.

So it seems like something there’s some kind of problem with the live-ness of the image that’s affecting the live-ness of the photo. But what is it, and how can I fix it?

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