[Solved] What are the different ways to add/update and remove the item from the State? [closed]

manojkarmocha Asks: What are the different ways to add/update and remove the item from the State? [closed]
handleAddToCart method does some conditional checks in cartItem state. First checks, if there is any item in array of object, if item exists, add 1 to it, or else just return item. Second check, if item does not exist add item and add 1 for the item ;

    const [cartItems, setCartItems] = useState([] as memePropsType[]);
    const handleAddToCart = (clickedItem: memePropsType) => {
     setCartItems((prev) => {

    // 1. Is the item already added in the cart?
    const isItemInCart = prev.find((item) => item.id === clickedItem.id);

    if (isItemInCart) {
      return prev.map((item) =>
        item.id === clickedItem.id
         ? { ...item, amount: item.amount + 1 }
         : item
      // First time the item is added
      return [...prev, { ...clickedItem, amount: 1 }];

    const handleRemoveFromCart = (id: string) => {
    setCartItems((prev) =>
      prev.reduce((ack, item) => {
         if (item.id === id) {
           if (item.amount === 1) return ack;
         return [...ack, { ...item, amount: item.amount - 1 }];
         } else {
           return [...ack, item];
     }, [] as memePropsType[])

Both works fine, but what would anyone do to achieve this in different way?

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