[Solved] Very long equation manipulation with arrows

Stefano Asks: Very long equation manipulation with arrows
I was trying to fit this equation manipulation in a page as shown in the MWE:

usepackage{geometry} geometry{a4paper,top=2.5cm,bottom=2.5cm,left=2cm,right=2cm,heightrounded,bindingoffset=5mm}



some words
    &=Eleft[big((I-K(t)C)e_x(t)-K(t)v(t)big)big((I-K(t)C)e_x(t)-K(t)v(t)big)^Tright] Arrow[i]{$e_x$ is uncorrelated with $v(t)$\collect $E[e_x(t)e_x^T(t)]$ and $E[v(t)v^T(t)]$}\
    Arrow[i]{in the 4th and 5th terms,\factor out $K(t)$}\
    &=P(t|t-1)cancel{-P(t|t-1)C^T K^T(t)}-K(t)CP(t|t-1)cancel{+P(t|t-1)C^TK^T(t)}\
    &=P(t|t-1)-K(t)CP(t|t-1)Arrow[i]{factor out $P(t|t-1)$}\
some other words


Problem 1: The text displayed with the package witharrows and with the command Arrow[i]{...} falls off the right edge of the sheet, while the equation doesn’t start immediately at left but in the center-left of the sheet, so it doesn’t exploit all the available space.

Problem 2: I tried to use the split environment but it doesn’t work very well because some equations don’t start aligned with the others (I think it’s because I don’t use it properly) and because its efforts are useless due to problem 1.

If my description is not clear, the output of the MWE will be clearer:

if my description is not clear, the output of the MWE will be clearer

How can I solve these problems?

Thanks in advance!

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