[Solved] Using a Kindle Fire as a Monitor Using Microsoft Remote Desktop (xrdp)

snowka Asks: Using a Kindle Fire as a Monitor Using Microsoft Remote Desktop (xrdp)
I have read several project instructions about how to use a Kindle Fire as a monitor for a Raspberry Pi. However, in my own attempts to imitate this I always have an issue because the Microsoft Remote Desktop app (xrdp) cannot access the pi on the network. This is frustrating as most directions describe this connection as simple and almost instantaneous. Any suggestions for a new Raspberry Pi user would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the relevant information. I have a Raspberry Pi B+, and I’m attempting to connect to a Kindle Fire HD (3rd generation).

I have downloaded Microsoft Remote Desktop on the the Kindle. (I have also tried VNCClient.)

My username and password are the default pi/raspberry. This is confirmed because when I enabled the SSH it gave me a warning the change this.

The IP address according to “hostname -i” is (One website suggested that I needed to use the local hostname and claimed that using ifconfig would show me this. After entering “ifconfig” was listed next to “inet”.)

There is a gateway option the Microsoft Remote Desktop App that I currently have turned off.

Several sources have claimed that the RealVNC that comes pre-loaded in the B+ Raspbian is the issue. On their advice, I loaded VNC4server and tightvncserver to “break” this; now VNC is “greyed out” in the Raspberry Pi Configuratioon Interfaces tab.

I have run sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade.

I have removed xrdp, vnc4server and tightvncserver and then installed tightvncserver and then xrdp, in that order, because several have claimed that the installation order matters.

Finally, both the Kindle and Raspberry Pi are on and attached to the same wireless network.

I have tried to be exhaustive in figuring this out and documenting it, but I am afraid that there is still a rookie mistake in here somewhere. Any advice would be appreciated.

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