[Solved] Troubleshooting DC to DC converter IC XL7005A

farhad94 Asks: Troubleshooting DC to DC converter IC XL7005A
I have a display control unit of a chinese branded e-bike which is not working properly (model number Ak47…seriously). I checked the voltages on the board and stumbled upon that DC to DC converter XL7005A. On pin SW I can measure 0.9V.i have tried to figure out what the output voltage should be giving the voltage devider on the feedback pin FB, but no luck. Too less experience :( I have noticed that the shottkey diode is getting warm, so I thought maybe it is dead. After removing the diode the converter got immediately hot. Is this normal? I don’t get how the diode is preventing the IC to be short circuit. The display unit should run on 48V, but I am running it with 31V from a bench power supply. So pin Vin is ~30V and enable Pin En is set low.

I have studied computer science, so I know basic electronics but as you can tell, that’s not enough for this type of problems :D

Thank you in advance :)

reference schematics for the IC

Original board pictures:

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