[Solved] Troubles translating own OSM server tile to English (ubuntu 18.04)

Anibal Urrutia Asks: Troubles translating own OSM server tile to English (ubuntu 18.04)
I have created a OSM tile server using the Home tutorial for ubuntu 18.04 with great success but no matter what I cannot display the map labels in English only, I have tried many solutions from the Open Street Map help forum but none seem to work for me.

I tried adding the line node,way name:en text linear to the default.style in osm2pgsql so the field name:en gets included in the postgres database, but the name:en field never appears on the tables even re-building osm2pgsql, dropping the current table and re loading the map data into db did not help(I am using https://download.geofabrik.de/asia/azerbaijan-latest.osm.pbf from the switch2osm guide).

Maybe I am just being clumpsy and missing something out, if any person with related experience can guide me I would be really grateful.

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