[Solved] Trim() and Replace(” “, “”) not removing white space in C#

demented Asks: Trim() and Replace(” “, “”) not removing white space in C#
I am trying to write “text” into a file with

private void WriteToLogs(string text)
        File.AppendAllText(todayMessageLog, $"({DateTime.Now}) Server Page: "{text.Trim()}"n");

The text comes out as this: “text (a bunch of white space)”

The text string is made up of these:

string username = e.NewClientUsername.Trim().Replace(" ", "");
string ip = e.NewClientIP.Trim().Replace(" ", "");

WriteToLogs($"{username.Trim().Replace(" ", "")} ({ip.Trim().Replace(" ", "")}) connected"); // NONE OF THESE WORKED FOR REMOVING THE WHITE SPACE

The “e” parameter comes from a custom EventArgs class in another namespace and NewClientIP and NewClientUsername are properties inside the class

As you can see, I tried with both Trim and Replace on both the strings themselves and the method but nothing removes the white space.

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