[Solved] Thick black bar appeared below keyboard : One Plus 7

beeshyams Asks: Thick black bar appeared below keyboard : One Plus 7
On my wife’s phone One Plus 7 running Android 11 with latest updates, a thick bar appeared for no rhyme or reason (sorry, forgot to take screen shot):

  • Obscured the last line of keyboard (space and enter key couldn’t be seen)
  • It kept flickering rendering the navigation keys invisible.


  • No, it isn’t the Android 10 bar under keyboard , which could be tackled by wm overscan. Anyway, that is depreciated in Android 11. Decreasing the screen size per this answer using adb shell wm size worked but the bar remains and so does flickering.

  • Device has a fixed display rate of 60 Hz so higher rate of 90 Hz ruled out.

  • Changed Keyboard from GBoard to Swiftkey and others but no luck.

  • Fiddled with all navigation bar settings, no luck.

  • Android 11 doesn’t have DC dimming option which was known to cause flickering in Android 9.

  • Downloaded bunch of nav bar display apps but didn’t work.

  • Internet is full of buggy reports of Android 11 on One Plus but this problem wasn’t mentioned.

  • Screen damage ruled out, no accidental drops

  • Shows up in safe-mode too, so app related issues ruled out.

  • Shutting down the phone, re-start etc didn’t help.

  • Changing launcher from stock to Nova or other launchers didn’t help

  • Changed display type including advanced settings etc but again no luck.

All these took better part of three hours and I don’t want to do a factory-reset.

How do I fix this?

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