[Solved] Text alignment in Tikz nodes with linebreaks just wont work

Felix Asks: Text alignment in Tikz nodes with linebreaks just wont work
I am really sorry to bother you guys with this standard sounding question, but I am desperate and can’t solve it. I’ve read every thread on tex.sx about this that I could find and yet, I can’t get this under control. So here is the thing:

I want to place a two lines text inside each node in a grid and want them to be centered. Now I am aware of this among other threads. E.g. the most natural solution would be to use align=center in combination with linebreaks \ inside the node text brackets.

Picture and MWE below. As you can see, the letters are not centered, while the numbering is. I tried:

  • align + \
  • text width, alone and in combination with the above
  • tabular environment inside the node text brackets
  • removing the scriptsize parameter I use As you can see, I use nested for loops to create a grid that counts up in a serpentine formation. Certain groups of indices (predefined externally) receiver certain letters, I achieve this with the defined command mylabel. Got the idea for this from my question earlier. However, I just cant get the letters to align centered with the numbers in the line below. Can anybody help?

enter image description here



  foreachc in {0,...,15}
    ifnum num = temp scriptsize Cfi
  foreacha in {0,...,63}
    ifnum num = temp scriptsize Afi
  foreachh in {0,...,6}
    ifnum num = temp scriptsize Hfi
  ifnum num = 89 scriptsize Ofi 

begin{tikzpicture}[node distance=1cm]

foreach i in {0,...,7}
  foreach j in {0,...,10}
    {pgfmathsetmacro{x}{1*j*(-1)^(i) + 5*(-1)^(i+1)}
    node (elabel) [rectangle, draw=black, minimum width=1cm, align=center] at (x,-1*i) {


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