[Solved] Stream vs Buffer

Uday Kiran Asks: Stream vs Buffer
there I’m new to C. I’m currently reading the K&R. There I got confused by a definition in it about the text streams “A text stream is a sequence of characters divided into new lines;each line consists of 0 or more characters followed by a newline character.” And trying to knowing about this streams I was introduced to a new term namely buffer.

I just know that:

  • A continuous flow of data (bytes or characters) in between Input and Output devices is
    a STREAM .
  • A temporary storage area in main memory to store the input or output data temporarily is a BUFFER.

I don’t say that I’m right, but it’s my basic idea upon those terms.

I want to know, what actually buffer & stream are and how these 2 things(i.e, stream & buffer) work together, in the non-abstract level of C implementation.

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