[Solved] statsmodels 0.12.1 very slow installation

Josh Asks: statsmodels 0.12.1 very slow installation
So I recently updated statsmodels to version 0.12.1, and it took forever. To make sure it wasn’t a problem specific to my system I installed version 0.12.1 on a clean system and had the same very lengthy installation. The dependency resolution process seems to be one of the steps that takes the longest. Additionally, I tried using poetry (version 1.1.4) to add statsmodels 0.12.1 to my project, and I eventually stopped the process during the dependency resolution step. To test, I’ve also installed an old version, which installed easily. So I know that it isn’t normal.

I’m using python v3.9.0 and used pip (version 20.2.4) to install/upgrade statsmodels. To install/add statsmodels I used the following commands: pip3 install statsmodels and poetry add statsmodels.

I just thought I’d ask to see if anyone else has come across this problem, and could maybe help me understand what’s wrong.

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