[Solved] SSH fork kills connection

RootWannaBe Asks: SSH fork kills connection
I am using a Linux script which has the task of forwarding control of the system to remote support. In this script one of the commands is a ssh port forward command that will forward the port of the Video Live Stream of a remote camera. On the system with the remote camera, that system is an unknown and thus assumed always behind a firewall and also has a user whom lacks the knowledge to port forward their router and also acquire a dynamic DNS. To overcome this the “CLIENT” system or the camera computer executes the command below:

ssh -R 8089:dc-bb7925e7:8085 -p 2250 user@remoteserver.com -fNT

which is forwarding the CLIENT port for the camera feed 8085 to the remote support server 8089. Remote support is supposed to be able to go to localhost:8089 and be able to view the live stream. The problem is that this does not work. Once I insert the -f flag into the command, this command breaks and forwards nothing.

Regardless of the flag, the problem is that when this ssh command executes, all other scripts and processes which are supposed to be running, get put on hold because of the TTY which does not allow the script to exit until the connection is broken. So I tried using the -f to fork the ssh into the background. This does not work as the port does not get forwarded. I can not figure out why.

What I need is for the port to be forwarded and then forgotten about while the connection remains open. It is important that remote support has control over ssh while the client system still operates normally. What am I doing wrong?

If is do not use the -fNT then this functions normally, only all other scripts are not executed.

This is a Debian system.

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