[Solved] Sort files into folders based on first two digits of filename?

NicholasGFX Asks: Sort files into folders based on first two digits of filename?
I constantly get hundreds of .pdf files I would like sorted into folders based on the filename.

The filenames are made up of a couple elements, although only the first string of letters and the first two digits are relevant. The letters represent the customer code and the digits represent the year.

Here’s two examples:

  • TX204190_100_GR.pdf. TX is the customer code and 20 represents 2020.
  • SFLYMK220921_CR2050_BLKHTH.pdf. SFLYMK is the customer code and 22 represents 2022.

The PDFs start off as direct siblings to the year folders. I need these PDFs to go inside the correct year folder and then the correct customer folder. So for example, TX204190_100_GR.pdf would need to go inside 2020 and then go inside the TX folder. The folders will all already exist.

Before Sorting Example

After Sorting Example

I’m struggling to find a way to select only the customer code (which can be anywhere from 2 to 8 characters) and the following two digits with automator so that I can properly move the files. I’d assume it requires some kind of regex solution, but I don’t know where to even begin or even if that’s possible using only Automator. Any advice or help with this is greatly appreciated.

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