[Solved] Sol search vulnerable with anonymous users [duplicate]

ducktales Asks: Sol search vulnerable with anonymous users [duplicate]
My Drupal website uses Search API for Solr integration. The search API and apache solr is used as backend search for the site. I am facing a problem with respect to the usage of a search feature for anonymous users. When I allow and give access to anonymous users to use the search functionality of solr on Drupal, then after few days the Solr server goes down and I have to to restart it to resume the search functionality on site. However, if I restrict the usage of search to users with an account/ verified users, then the server remains stable.

I think spammers are firing queries and bringing down the Solr server when it’s open to anonymous users.

I tried using Honeypot, but it didn’t help.

How can I resolve this issue?

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