[Solved] show values of an ed22519 private key stored in OpenSSH format

r.l. Asks: show values of an ed22519 private key stored in OpenSSH format
(note this question uses both ‘openssh’ and ‘openssl’ in the text, I am not confusing the two.)

If I use openssh to general an RSA keypair (ssh-keygen) then I can use ‘openssl rsa -in …’ to view the key parameters (modulus, exponents, primes etc).

If I generate an RSA key but store it using the openssh format (using the -o option to ssh-keygen) I cannot directly read that file by openssl. I first use ssh-keygen -p -f and remove the password. The resulting file is an “RSA PRIVATE KEY”. Then I can proceed in the usual way with openssl to view the parameters.

Using openssl’s ‘ec’ and ‘ecparam’ commands I can generate files and view the parameters that make up EC keys.

If I generate an ed25519 keypair using ssh-keygen -t ed25519 I get a file of the format “OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY”.

Obviously if I use ‘ssh-keygen -p …’ as above on this file I’m never going to get an ‘RSA’ output because its not an RSA key.

So how can I get my “OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY” file generated by ssh-keygen using ed25519 into a format such that I can see the parameters?

openssl EC commands produce files such as “BEGIN EC PARAMETERS” and “BEGIN EC PRIVATE KEY”.

So is there a method to see the ed25519 parameters in the OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY? or a method to turn that file format into one of the EC formats that openssl understands?

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