[Solved] Sending transactions after London Fork considering EIP 1559

Darren Jensen Asks: Sending transactions after London Fork considering EIP 1559
I have an application that sends legacy transactions containing to, from, gasPrice, gasLimit, value and data properties.

I know that following the London Fork there is backward compatibility with legacy transactions, however, in order to prepare and to make use of the updates in EIP 1559 I want to test the new transaction types in Ropsten Testnet. My understanding is that the London Fork is already applied in Ropsten Testnet.

Can someone point me to an example transaction that uses the new fields in EIP 1559 and what to expect in the transaction receipt? I want to know the correct transaction payload to send and the expected receipt to receive.

Below is an example of how I think a transaction payload might look (some fields omitted for brevity):

   from: 0x111...
   to: 0x222...
   type: 0x2 <-- do I need to set this now?
   maxPriorityFeePerGas: 10000000000 <-- pay 10 GWei for priority gas fees
   maxFeePerGas .... <-- do I need to set this?

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