[Solved] Select multiple rows from postgis table where ST_Contains has multiple manual inputs

Danielle Watts Asks: Select multiple rows from postgis table where ST_Contains has multiple manual inputs
Under normal circumstances I could get the spatial intersection between a table with multipolygons and another table with point geometry using some variant of

SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM point_geometries) s JOIN polygon_geometries sg ON ST_Contains(sg.geom, s.point_geom)

But I have a situation where instead of a table, I have a list of point geometries to input. If I only have one geometry then I can do

SELECT * FROM polygon_geometries WHERE ST_Contains(geom, '0101000020E6100000E73B8A05101056C01F1166ED49594440') which returns a single row from polygon_geometries giving me exactly what I want.

Now imagine I have 100+ geometries and I want to get all the rows from polygon_geometries where ST_Contains any of the points (in theory returning up to 100 rows from polygon_geometries). Is there a way to do this that doesn’t involve constructing WHERE ST_Contains(geom, string1) OR ST_Contains(geom, string2)… etc?

I’d love to be able to feed a list of the strings in, if possible. I simply can not find any examples of this!

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