[Solved] SAQL to generate a field not in a group by statement

Timestretch Asks: SAQL to generate a field not in a group by statement
I’m a bit of a beginner to SAQL. I have been tasked with maintaining a fairly elaborate dashboard and data flow and have been asked to add some features to it. There is a lens that displays a chart in which I need to pull another field in order to display it in a tooltip. However, the SAQL side of it includes a group by statement and I’m running into some issues adding the new field to the generate statement.

q = load "main_data_set";
q = group q by ('Value_Name__c', 'TeamMemberName');
q = foreach q generate 'Value_Name__c' as 'Value_Name__c', 
'TeamMemberName' as 'TeamMemberName', sum('Value__c') as 'sum_Value__c', 
sum('Value_Index__c') as 'sum_Value_Index__c', 'NEW_FIELD__c' as 
q = order q by 'sum_Value_Index__c' asc;
q = limit q 20000;

When I added NEW_FIELD__c to the generate statement, I get the following error when trying to run the query:

Non grouped dimension in a grouped query: 'Annotation__c'

It runs fine when I add NEW_FIELD__c to the group by statement, but I don’t want the data grouped by this field, I just want to be able to access it in the graph configuration. What am I doing wrong?

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