[Solved] Replace var placeholder results in an unwanted new line

progonkpa Asks: Replace var placeholder results in an unwanted new line
I wish to replace ${var} placeholders in a nginx.conf file with env vars loaded from .env file (docker). I choose the ${var} syntax myself in line with docker-compose.

content .env file:


Doing sed string replace on this line e.g. is giving me headaches.

Text input:
server_name ${DOMAIN_NAME};


source .env


sed -i "s/${DOMAIN_NAME}/$DOMAIN_NAME/g" "$docker_root"/nginx/nginx.conf

desired outcome:
server_name domain.net;

but what I get is:

server_name domain.net

It doesn’t even matter what follows the ${var} replacement. If I add a space and a word behind the placeholder, the word also ends up on the second line.

I used envsubst first and saw the same behavior there first.
Then I tried with sed wich is doing the same :)

I tried a variety of escape slashes, single quotes and double quotes with no result.

What’s going on here?

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