[Solved] Remote access using reverse ssh tunnel, without port forwarding

mtbno Asks: Remote access using reverse ssh tunnel, without port forwarding
I am trying to setup a remote connection (from anywhere in the world not just locally) to my Raspberry Pi 3. I want to do so without port forwarding, and without third party service (such as Weaved, or Digitalocean). Only using open-source software. I am even willing to pay for a dedicated domain and server if the solution requires it.

To describe what I have, take a look at attached image – my network configuration. I have a RPi3 at home with a static IP address. It is connected to a router (wlan0). And I want to connect to the RPi3 from “My laptop” – via SSH.

My network setup
Possible solutions that I read on different forums: There is a possibility to establish a reverse ssh connection to my laptop. The problem is that my Home router’s firewall won’t any incoming connection go through – I don’t want to open ports such as 3389.

My questions are:

  1. If I establish this reverse tunnel, is it possible for my laptop to connect to the RPi3 at any moment I want? Or do I need to implement it on the RPi3 as scheduled service and then I’d be able to connect only every hour or so?
  2. How can I implement this, theoretically.

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