[Solved] Rails – ActionCable: “action_cable.url” for Kubernetes

NevD Asks: Rails – ActionCable: “action_cable.url” for Kubernetes
What config.action_cable.url should be configured for websockets / Rails / Kubernetes ?

When running “docker-compose” with a Rails process (not API only, but with SSR) and a standalone Cable process (the Rails container is run with bundle exec puma -p 28080 ./cable/config.ru as per the guides), the websockets work fine by passing server-side, in say “/config/application.rb”, the following (with theaction_cable_meta_tag set in the layouts):

config.action_cable.url = 'ws://localhost:28080'

I am targetting Kubernetes: I run a Rails deployment along with a Cable deployment but I can’t make it work. The Cable service is of type “ClusterIP”. I tried several variations; from setting createConsumer('ws://localhost:28080') in the client-side in “/javascript/channels/consumer.js”, to the server-side “/config/application.rb”, such as ws:// or ws://cable-svc:28080 or ws://cable-svc:28080/cable where “cable-svc” is the name of the cable service.

Any advice?

Note that I use LB -> Nginx -> Rails + Cable on Minikube, and passed:

proxy_http_version 1.1;
proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
proxy_set_header Connection "upgrade";

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