[Solved] QGIS 3 Select by Location – How to get map results as a list?

Mark Doehnert Asks: QGIS 3 Select by Location – How to get map results as a list?
Can I and if so how can I get a list of QGIS 3 “Select by location” results in a list?

For example, I did an “Intersect” “Select by location”query of two data sets (about 250 land properties and second set is resource protection areas related to streams of water) to see if the geometries spatially intersect (share any portion of space – overlap or touch).

The query worked well on the map (after I chose to ignore errors) and I can see the results on the map (different color shows the intersect). Some just appear to touch and other properties intersect more while many do not intersect at all.

Can I get a list of the properties that intersect and even showing the amount of intersection of the properties with the resource protection areas?

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