[Solved] Python3 / subprocess.check_output / Timeout does not work for every command

Freude Asks: Python3 / subprocess.check_output / Timeout does not work for every command
I’m running Debian 10.8 with Python 3.7.3 and running a subprocess inside a script which I would like to interrupt after some seconds. This works for cmd_1 but not for cmd_2 in the example below (timeout is never triggered):

import subprocess
import os, sys

# collect proxies and verify
    # cmd_1 = "while true; do sleep 1; done"
    cmd_2 = "proxybroker find --types HTTPS -l 1000 --outfile proxybroker.txt"
    timeout_sec = 3
    subprocess.check_output(cmd_2, shell=True, timeout=timeout_sec)
except Exception as e:

If I run cmd_2 in a bash, it works fine. I did install the proxybroker package with pip3 install proxybroker.

On another system running Ubuntu 21.04 the timeout works for both commands. Thanks if someone can provide a hint.

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