[Solved] Python pandas large floats with to_csv

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I am having a recurring problem with saving large numbers in Python to csv. The numbers are millisecond epoch time stamps, which I cannot convert or truncate and have to save in this format. As the columns with the millisecond timestamps also contain some NaN values, pandas casts them automatically to float (see the documentation in the Gotchas under “Support for integer NA”.

I cannot seem to avoid this behaviour, so my question is, how can I save these numbers as an integer value when using df.to_csv, i.e. with no decimal point or trailing zeros? I have columns with numbers of different floating precision in the same dataframe and I do not want to lose the information there. Using the float_format parameter in to_csv seems to apply the same format for ALL float columns in my dataframe.

An example:

>>> df = pd.DataFrame({'a':[1.25, 2.54], 'b':[1424380449437, 1425510731187]})
>>> df['b'].dtype
Out[1]: dtype('int64')
>>> df.loc[2] = np.NaN
>>> df
       a             b
0   1.25  1.424380e+12
1   2.54  1.425511e+12
2    NaN           NaN
>>> df['b'].dtype
>>> df.to_csv('test.csv')
>>> with open ('test.csv') as f:
...     for line in f:
...         print(line)

As you can see, I lost the precision of the last two digits of my epoch time stamp.

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