[Solved] Python: Apply function every 100 rows of large dataframe

Joehat Asks: Python: Apply function every 100 rows of large dataframe
I have a large dataset of approximately 25,000 rows. I am trying to extract elevation data for every one of my observations. However, I can only make 100 requests at a time. This means that I need approximately 250 splits to make individual requests!

I was wondering if there is an efficient way of doing this?

I came across this condition but I wouldn’t want to repeat this 250 times and apply the function each time.

first_hun = pd.DataFrame()
rest = pd.DataFrame()

if df.shape[0] > 100: # len(df) > 100 would also work
    first_hun = df[:100]
    rest = df[100:]

In a “sketchy” way, this is what I am attempting:

for index,row in df.iterrows():
    # split df every 100 rows
        # apply elevation function (my_function)
        # store the 100 elevation values
    # concat the 250 elevation values so they're in the same list
# add list to original df

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