[Solved] /proc/diskstats disk time spent writing more than 1000ms*CPU-core-count per second

z0lupka Asks: /proc/diskstats disk time spent writing more than 1000ms*CPU-core-count per second
I’m interested in how could one interpret the results of procfs-diskstats. It looks like an API, but I see no exhaustive explanation in Internet or man pages or Linux kernel Documentation.

There is a file with a very concise description:

The /proc/diskstats file displays the I/O statistics
of block devices. Each line contains the following 14

        ==  ===================================
         1  major number
         2  minor mumber
         3  device name
         4  reads completed successfully
         5  reads merged
         6  sectors read
         7  time spent reading (ms)
         8  writes completed
         9  writes merged
        10  sectors written
        11  time spent writing (ms)
        12  I/Os currently in progress
        13  time spent doing I/Os (ms)
        14  weighted time spent doing I/Os (ms)
        ==  ===================================

And also iostats.rst with a few words more. But it’s still hard to tell what exactly means f.e. this metric:

11  time spent writing (ms)

From iostats.rst:

Field 10 -- # of milliseconds spent doing I/Os (unsigned int)
    This field increases so long as field 9 is nonzero.

    Since 5.0 this field counts jiffies when at least one request was
    started or completed. If request runs more than 2 jiffies then some
    I/O time might be not accounted in case of concurrent requests.

But when I watch this value per second on my 4-core CPU VM, this value growing(increments) by more than 100000 ms while copying f.e 4Gb file.
I can assume that HDD/SSD(SATA? Depends on bus?) could serve multiple CPU cores requests in parallel.
On 4-core CPU that means that 100000 ms increment in this counter represents HDD/SDD serving [at least 25 seconds on every CPU core’s request] per second. Or 50 seconds on two cores (per second), or 100 second on 1 core (per second).

Common sense dictates that you cannot work more time per second than a second.

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