[Solved] pkg delete automatically deletes ALL packages that depend on targets

user426 Asks: pkg delete automatically deletes ALL packages that depend on targets
System : NomadBSD 130R-20210508 (latest) clean install , based on FreeBSD 13.

FreeBSD Manual states :

If the set of packages to be deleted would leave installed packages with unfulfilled dependencies, pkg delete will emit an error message and quit without deleting anything unless forced to proceed by the -f option.

However, in my case, deleting any package via pkg delete or pkg remove or octopkg > right-click > remove > apply that has other packages depend on it causes all depending packages to be removed too (without warning in octopkg).

As I was deleting 100+ packages, this caused pretty much all packages to be removed/broken.

To replicate the above problem, get/install NomadBSD, and simply run sudo pkg delete perl5 -y (because everything seems to depend on Perl and it seems to remove even Xorg).

How can I revert to normal FreeBSD behaviour where if the package is a dependancy then it should simply fail ?

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