[Solved] Persistent routes on Ubuntu 20

Oldirtyb Asks: Persistent routes on Ubuntu 20
I am trying to automate the addition of some static/persistent routes in Ubuntu 20 when setting up new hosts. The ip route command does not persist after reboot. The routes are based on a bond name for the ethernet. For example, bonds that contain “3110” get two specific routes added, and bonds that contain “5000” get two specific routes added, etc. I have a bash script that can cat the routes into a file based on the bond names but I am not sure of the best way to get that to run at boot. I thought about rc.local calling the script but rc.local on Ubuntu 20 requires a lot of additional setup. I am still learning a lot about Ubuntu 20 and I feel like there must be a super easy way to do this once at machine setup and then forget about it. Right now I am adding the static routes manually to /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml. I also considered a way to add these via puppet but came up with nothing easy because each of those yaml has machine specific variables like the mac address. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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