[Solved] Oversized table at centre of page

Oxonon Asks: Oversized table at centre of page
I have a table that’s taller than the write-able height of the page (so, total height minus margins). The default behaviour of latex appears to be to start the page at the top margin, and then let it run over. Is there any way I could force latex to centre this table vertically on the whole page, disregarding the margin specifications?

The current solution I’m considering is playing with the geometry of that page, specifically with the top margin, until the whole table looks centred. But I’d hope for a better solution that doesn’t involve me squinting at the page trying to figure out if it looks roughly centred.

It seems like setting the vertical margins to 0 and then forcing the table to be centred on the page should do the trick, but I’m not sure how to achieve the latter.

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