[Solved] Norton Op-Amps advantages

S.s. Asks: Norton Op-Amps advantages
I have been reading about Norton Operational Amplifiers, I get a good idea of how they work, even at the transistor level, I understand that difference current in = voltage output. What I have been having trouble is finding about the advantages of these opamps VS the traditional voltage ones, is it speed?, bandwidth?, what?

Where should one use a Norton Op-amp instead of a regular voltage Op-amp?, I ask this because if its a matter of applications in which the output is a current (like in a DAC) one can still use regular voltage opamps, for example, an inverting transimpedance amplifier with its input as a virtual ground.

Two example data sheets are:

LM3900 LM359

The following video explains fairly well how a Norton (Current Differencing Amp) works. Look at 19:30 on the vid

Norton Amp

However again, I need to know in which applications this amp is best, and what should drive me to use a Norton amp instead of a voltage amp.

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