[Solved] Node.js throws a “ENOENT” when I trying to write a file with a name too large

SleepWritten Asks: Node.js throws a “ENOENT” when I trying to write a file with a name too large
I’m writing a session library for Express.js that stores the sessions in encrypted files. The basic interfaces hierarchy is:

export interface Current<T = any> {
    load(): Promise<T>;
    save(value: T): Promise<void>;

export interface Manager {
    current<T = any>(): Current<T>;
    create(): Promise<void>;
    delete(): Promise<void>;
    rewind(): void;

declare global {
  namespace Express {
    export interface Request {
      session: Manager;

Every session is stored in a JSON file, which name is a unique hash id. That hash is returned to the client as a cookie. The implementation it’s like that:

import { sessionCrossover } from '.';
import express from 'express';

const app = express();
    path: './data',
    expires: 1000 * 10,
    hashLength: 126

You can set the current hash length in the middleware shown before. The problem is this:

  • When you set a hash of a 126 bytes or more, node.js throws an “ENOENT” error (path not found).
  • When the hash is 125 bytes or less the file with the session it’s created normally.

My questions are:

  • Why node.js thows an “ENOENT” (path not found error) when i try to create a file with a large filename?
  • Exists a method to detect a “too large filesize” exception in windows?

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