[Solved] Need to create a circuit for a Man in the Middle Attack

henda79 Asks: Need to create a circuit for a Man in the Middle Attack
The title sounds worse than it really is :)

I have a printer which is connected to a host, the host uses proprietary hardware to send data to the printer. The issue is the host’s date is limited to 2013 and I can’t change it beyond that year without modifying the ROM on the host, which I don’t think is practical.

The printer is a Transact Epic 950 and takes commands over RS232. You can find the OEM manual here


My workaround for this issue, was to create a circuit to sit between the Host and the Printer and basically change or replace the date before it hits the printer.

I have very little experience in electronics so wouldn’t know where to start.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be great.

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