[Solved] Need 120A current limiter for 200A source

Fast Byte Asks: Need 120A current limiter for 200A source
I would like an inexpensive circuit while noting wider tolerances are acceptable. I have a 200A automotive alternator which I anticipate 50-80A will be called upon from the vehicle accessories over time. I would like to tap off at up to a 120A load to charge some lithium batteries. The output would simply be limited to never go over 120A and 10-20A drift would be acceptable in most cases. I’d also like a pot in the circuit if possible to fine tune that maximum say for instance if there was another load on the regular auto that mean perhaps only 100A was available. I am guessing that I will need a group of mosfets wired in parallel on a good heat sink to accomplish this but I wonder if this is a simple circuit because I don’t see much online regarding these heavier current loads that can be varied using mosfets.

Now with this I would not be looking to anything fancy like found in a regulated power supply but simply a few components that guarantee not much more than 120A is going to be seen as available on the output side of the circuit. Thanks in advance.

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