[Solved] Napili Template Lightning Custom Sign Up page from community without login

pawan tyagi Asks: Napili Template Lightning Custom Sign Up page from community without login
I have created a lightning signup component for the community and am using it on the Napili template home page via community builder. Now, I want to make this page accessible to community users without login but I’m not getting any option to make it available for the user without login. I configured the registration page setting of community with the Napili template home page but still seeing the login page rather than the registration page as shown in below screenshots:

Community setup to see community builder created Napili template page as registration/loginpage

Napili Home Page with sign up lightening component

Also, I am not getting an option to select “Napili template home page” as login page for the community, if I could this might help me to see this home page without login. Am I missing any setting here?

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