[Solved] MySQL CPU Usage Surge up When Multiple Post Editor Pages are open

Good Muyis Asks: MySQL CPU Usage Surge up When Multiple Post Editor Pages are open
I am managing WordPress server 2Core CPU 8Gb Ram, hosted on Openlitespeed + MariaDB 11.4, PHP 7.4. Redis and OPache are installed. On the WordPress site, Redis Object Cache and Litespeed LSCache are plugins installed and enabled.

Memory Limit: 512MB, Max Execution time: 120

The site has over 140k posts, browsing the site pages and content is a smooth experience.

But the problem is whenever the editor login to create a post, the CPU usage surge to 90% or more. and the wp-admin/post-new.php become as slows as a snail, sometimes I could take more than minutes before it gets ready, sometimes crashed that publish button will be greyed-out. It gets worse when they open multiple instances of wp-admin/post-new.php.

enter image description here

I have tried to disable all plugins, change the theme with the plugin disabled, it doesn’t fix.

It only gets a little bit better if I disable Classic Editor, using the default Gutenberg editor.

My Test and Findings​

When I install Query Monitor I discovered that a query is running slow taking up to 25 seconds to complete, on other tabs or instances of wp-admin/post-new.php it could read up to 100 seconds, some case makes the site stop responding.

FROM wp_postmeta
WHERE meta_key NOT BETWEEN '_'
AND '_z'
HAVING meta_key NOT LIKE '\_%'
ORDER BY meta_key LIMIT 30

enter image description here

I thought Installing Redis on the VPS and the Redis Cache Object would give a better performance. This could be true as other parts of the website are fast loading except for the post editor page where the query above is running.

Presently, I have disabled the classic editor, but the user (editors) preferred it. Please what do I need to do more to optimise the site?

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