[Solved] Music, scene, or character first

Hypersun_pro Asks: Music, scene, or character first
Here’s my personal description, skip if you want:

I’m a high school student and I have three years of JavaScript experience. I made my way and created several project (most left unfinished) that includes database, server, and client. These days, however, Toby Fox got my attention. I finished the game as well as went through lots and lots of community stuff. I got inspired and now I want to give game development a try (I understand game design is different from coding, and I just want to give it a shot). From my past experience on JavaScript, I know there’s no “right way” in terms of styling and designing but more of a personal preferences and that might make this question meaningless, but still I need an answer from experienced. If there’s anything wrong with my question, please tell me as I’m new and I wouldn’t want to make any more mistakes.


I know there’s different aspects of a game: scene, character, story, mechanic, and music (maybe there’s more). I never design my own game before, and I would like to know when brainstorming, which aspect of a game is the best to get started on?

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