[Solved] Multi-phase buck converter inductor selection

Divya K.S Asks: Multi-phase buck converter inductor selection
This question is regarding the inductor design (uncoupled) in a multiphase buck converter.

In a multiphase converter, the inductance per phase requirement is higher than the corresponding single phase solution.

The ripple current per phase is lower for the same Vin and Vout, hence the corresponding inductance requirement is higher.

enter image description here

Now there are ‘n’ such inductors with each inductor value higher than the corresponding single phase case. Agree that the input and output capacitance requirement has come down due to ripple cancellation.

The inductor size depends on both inductance and current through inductor.

Is that the reason why we prefer multi-phase inductors for high current application- even though we need ‘n’ inductors having ‘n’ times higher inductance?

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