[Solved] Mounting BTRFS in RHEL 8

arif Asks: Mounting BTRFS in RHEL 8
I had a luks volume /dev/sda4 and the filesystem inside it is a btrfs file system. But according to RedHat,

12.1.1. Btrfs has been removed
The Btrfs file system has been removed in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. This includes the following components:

The btrfs.ko kernel module
The btrfs-progs package
The snapper package
You can no longer create, mount, or install on Btrfs file systems in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. The Anaconda installer and the Kickstart commands no longer support Btrfs.

I tried installing btrfs-progs rpm package as it’s not in redhat repo. But it requires lot’s of other dependencies which are also not present in RHEL repository and those packages are library packages that has more dependencies.

My current options are,

  1. Downgrading to RHEL 7 which supports btrfs
  2. Boot from a live media and mount the file system, take backup, reformat the partition/block with the filesystem that suppport RHEL 8.
  3. Changing to other linux distribution

I can’t choose these options as I am not the decision maker.

So is there any other smart/lazy way of mounting the filesystem?

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