[Solved] Magento Security Scan reports Malicious Javascript without files

Tom Asks: Magento Security Scan reports Malicious Javascript without files
I am having a Magento 1.9.3 installation which is set up for the Magento Security Scan.

For a while now I am getting a “Issues found” report, stating that there is malicious Javascript on my website.

Your site is compromised with injected JavaScript. (62) The malicious code signature(s) has been found on the page.

However, as you can see, there are no urls or files stated in this report.

I have already tried contacting via security@magento.com but I never received an answer.

I ran the site via magereport and didnt get any warning, also I downloaded all files and ran Norton Antivirus and didnt get a result either.

Also, I tried using the magento yara python malware scanner and (provided I have used it correctly) didnt get any results either.

I am having javascript on the website which is not from magento but self coded, could that be the issue?

Or do you have any other idea what I can do to check whats going on here?

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