[Solved] macOS Window Overlay Effect Bug?

user1922718 Asks: macOS Window Overlay Effect Bug?
I’m developing a macOS app for Big Sur. I want to take advantage of the blur effect of the window bar over my content. I have set the fullSizeContentView mask on the window. However, I can only get the effect to work when I have set a minimal amount of spacing between the scrollview’s leading edge and its superview’s leading edge. This seems to be a bug in AppKit. Can anyone confirm or tell me what I’m doing wrong?

See below clips: First I have a simple Xcode project (no code, just using the Storyboard). Scroll view is setup in the content view of the view controller. The Scroll View has no spacing to its superview for its top, trailing and bottom edges. The leading edge has standard spacing (20pt) to its superview’s leading edge.
blur works as expected

This works as expected, but I don’t want the the leading edge spacing. So I set the leading edge spacing to 0.
set leading edge spacing to 0

And the blur effect goes away.
no blur :(

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