[Solved] macOS 11.4 Apple menu > Recent Items is super cluttered!

bob Asks: macOS 11.4 Apple menu > Recent Items is super cluttered!
Running macOS Big Sur 11.4

So, I am ancient, and I still use Stickies. Like, a lot. It’s pretty clutch for me for a large number of reasons. But, there’s one annoyance that has shown up recently:

Every time I launch Stickies, it clutters my Apple Menu’s Recent Documents list with a .rtfd file for each individual sticky note. Ack!!! I have a lot of sticky notes, so this has effectively rendered my  > Recent Documents list completely useless. (I can set it to show a lot of documents and then scroll down past all the .rtfd files, but this is super inefficient on my laptop.)

I’ve tried looking into using a script to muck around with the contents of ~/Library/appsupport/com.apple.sharedfilelist/*.sfl2, but unfortunately it’s become readily apparent that these files are not easily modifiable using text-editing or anything like that. /usr/bin/sfltool looked promising, but apparently Apple took out a lot of the functionality that was present in prior macOS versions

So … is there any way to bar Stickies.app from populating/cluttering my  > Recent Documents menu? Can I deny Stickies.app permission to populate the recent documents list somehow, without jettisoning the menu entirely?

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