[Solved] JSON array to bash variables using jq

EHerman Asks: JSON array to bash variables using jq
I’ve got a JSON array like so:

  "SITE_DATA": {
    "URL": "example.com",
    "AUTHOR": "John Doe",
    "CREATED": "10/22/2017"

I’m looking to iterate over this array using jq so I can set the key of each item as the variable name and the value as it’s value.


  • URL=”example.com”
  • AUTHOR=”John Doe”
  • CREATED=”10/22/2017″

What I’ve got so far iterates over the array but creates a string:

constants=$(cat ${1} | jq '.SITE_DATA' | jq -r "to_entries|map("(.key)=(.value|tostring)")|.[]")

Which outputs:


I am looking to use these variables further down in the script:

echo ${URL}

But this echos an empty output at the moment. I’m guessing I need an eval or something in there but can’t seem to put my finger on it.

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