[Solved] Is it possible to use a VMWare VDI as a proxy for SSH?

Phillip B Oldham Asks: Is it possible to use a VMWare VDI as a proxy for SSH?
I’m currently working for a company with quite strict security measures. 90% of my work takes place on a Linux machine, but to access this machine I first have to connect to a VPN, access a Windows VDIs, and from this I can access the Linux server via Putty.

This is fine for small tasks, but the majority of my work takes place on the shell this is slowing me down somewhat; I’m used to running multiple terminal windows and accessing servers via Emacs/Tramp.

I’m wondering whether it’s possible to access the remote Linux server using my local SSH via the VDI, but I’m out of my territory when it comes to this sort of thing. I believe I can use Putty on the Windows VDI to act as a proxy for getting onto the Linux system, but it’s the step before that to access the VDI using SSH where I’m getting stuck.

Should it be possible? If so, what sort of google searches should I be making?

Updated information:

  • I’m using the built-in OS X VPN tool.
  • The linux server can only be accessed via a machine on the same network, which is why we have to connect to a VDI first. I believe I can use Putty to open a connection to the linux server and make it act as a proxy on whatever port I wish, I just need to tell SSH to a) use the VPN settings and b) connect to the VDI.

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