[Solved] Indexing for an ascending date value

John Wu Asks: Indexing for an ascending date value
Let’s say you have a table of invoices

(  InvoiceID int IDENTITY(1,1) PRIMARY KEY,
   InvoiceDate DateTime CONSTRAINT [df_invoicedate] DEFAULT GETDATE(),

The invoice table has an InvoiceDate which is always the current date/time when the record is inserted.

Let’s say you index this date

CREATE INDEX idx_InvoiceDate ON Invoice(InvoiceDate)

Note this is a non-clustered index (held in a separate file).

Let’s say we know the RDBMS uses B+tree format for index files.

Bearing in mind that all inserts will hit the same page of the index file (because they are always at the end of the sort order), and that inserts into a single location are worst-case for B+tree insert, what special considerations should be observed?

Will this index end up lopsided? Should it be reindexed regularly? Should I use a low, normal, or high fill factor?

Should we try to find something else to put into the index prior to the date, e.g. an invoice type, to get the tree to balance out more evenly?

Will there be issues with hotspots or index page contention, because all inserts hits the same part of the index? What can I do to mitigate that?

I understand that for an ascending surrogate key, a reverse key index might be better. But this is a date and I may want to perform scans of a date range. Is there anything I can do that will alleviate any of the issues that reverse key indices are meant to address?

Or is all of this a total non-issue, and indices of this kind are fine and I should stop worrying about it?

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